Relay for life – tapahtuma 30.-31.5

Hei kaikki,


Kultapandat ja Lohikäärmeet askartelivat 26.4. kokouksessaan avaimenperiä Relay for Life – syövän vastaiseen hyväntekeväisyystapahtumaan.


24h ulkoilmatapahtuma järjestetään tulevana viikonloppuna 30.-31.5. Waterloossa (St John’s International School), tervetuloa mukaan! Ohjelmaa koko perheelle J


Olen toista vuotta mukana tapahtumassa Together for Life -tiimin kanssa. Linkin takana tarkempaa tietoa, jos haluat liittyä tiimiimme ja tulla vaikka pariksi tunniksi standillemme myymään kaffea, paistamaan vohveleita, järjestämään lasten aktiviteetteja (ongintaa jne.) tai antaa lahjoituksen syövän vastaiseen taisteluun (ks. ao englanninkielinen viesti).


Relay-terveisin ja lisätietoja,


Gsm. 0497996122




Hello Friends of Relay for Life,

just a short reminder on the Relay for Life – outdoor event against the cancer taking place on 30-31 May in Waterloo. The weekend is approaching J so if you want to be on board as a team member or to give a donation,  feel free to take the following steps :

Don’t forget that this is not only about the running/walking. You can participate in many ways; hosting our team stand; selling drinks and food, making waffles, organising kids’ activities and other fundraising, participating in our Zumba event… Stay the time you wish, each step and hour counts.


1) Do your registration online to be a part of the team” Together for Life” (either to participate to the event or to give a donation)

Feel free to share the link of the team as much as possible and invite your family, friends, colleagues to join us.

2) Choose your timeslots and activities during the event and fill in the application


This pre-schedule is very important since it allows us to plan the team activities and to make sure that there will be someone of the team present/on the track during 24 hours.


3) Tell me the size of your t-shirt. All the team members will receive a t-shirt sponsorized by Intersport. I should have your size by Sunday 17 may. Thanks J

4) Save the date, Wednesday 27 May at 18h30, for a general rehearsal of the flash mob we have prepared for the event. The Rehearsal will take place in St John’s School, Drève Richelle 146, 1410 Waterloo (the same venue for the event).

Thanks a lot in advance for your support for Relay for Life!




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